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We come from humble beginnings with a sincere vision and passion to provide fun and trendy products. The constant changes in trends from music, fashion, slang, catchphrases, to how we communicate in text messages and almost every aspect in life, from what seems to be almost day to day or even by geographical location defines us as individuals. So our mission is to provide everyone old and young from anywhere around the globe with quality products that anyone can relate to and accent their personality. 

Being a female US Navy Veteran I lived among diversity and it was so beautiful. No matter what or who you were, where you came from, every walk of life Etc. You were an individual. 

So I wanted to create designs and quality products that would be as amazing as each of us are individual. Maybe even set some trends along the way and have fun doing it. Life is beautiful with a positive frame of mind. There is no reason to be ugly to one another. Life is hard enough without the drama. Keep yourself real to yourself. 

Thank you for your support and for stopping by! 

Be the Trend

Liquid Bubbles
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